Sunday, December 6, 2009


This being my inaugural post on an actual "blog", I suppose it is germane to create a statement of purpose.

This blog, as its name indicates, has no specific theme. As I've matured a bit (at least I hope that's what's been happening), I've felt a greater inclination to write out my thoughts. Now, there are some thoughts you want to keep private, some thoughts you want to share with just a few people, and some thoughts you wouldn't mind sharing with anyone who might be interested. For the first, there exist private journals. For the second, we have our close friends. And for the last, we have this sprawling digital sea, the Internet. This blog will serve that last purpose -- a place to record those thoughts I wouldn't mind sharing with anyone interested.

Things I expect to be writing about:

  • My thoughts on matters political, social, and philosophical.
  • My thoughts on books I've been reading.
  • Personal reflections on life, growth, personal relationships platonic and romantic, etc.
  • Little thoughts, daydreams, fun facts, videos.
  • My traveling experiences.
  • Music.
  • Anything else I damn well please!
And of course, the very point of having a public journal is to share. That means interaction. I welcome feedback, responses, conversation, and synergy.


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