Saturday, November 20, 2010

One thing left (PC#5)

Mmmm, today I went back up to the VA hospital for my appointment there. I got the doctor's final sign-off on my medical packet and picked up all the lab reports from the blood work and the x-ray. The only thing left to do is take care of either getting a polio booster shot or a polio titer, neither of which they do at the VA. But I looked on, and they have a center like five minutes away from my house where I can get a booster. So that's the last thing. I'll just have to get that as soon as possible next week, and then...fertig. By the end of next week, this packet will be in the mail and out of my hands.

Hopefully, I'll never have to see it again. But I'm afraid of the waiting game...other people go nine, ten weeks without hearing anything.

It'll all work out.

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  1. Hey Tim - this is Diana, you posted on my blog this past week. Hi! Glad you're reading and potentially enjoying my blog - warning before you get too far in that it can get messy, but then, I guess, welcome to Peace Corps. I hope you will be in the group to come - we're very excited to get some fresh people in; with only 18 the stories can get old. Word of warning to not get your heart set on a country - I was supposed to go to Bulgaria before getting pulled to open Indonesia. The waiting game can be a beast, as we say in Indonesia "Semangat! Spirit!" Hope all's well!