Monday, May 16, 2011

Disclaimers, Corrections, and Follow-Ups

After more or less every post and video I make, I recognize one or more errors I made, either in my interpretation of the culture or simple mistakes in language. So here's a disclaimer: everything I say or write is subject to revision.

For example, spicy peanut sauce is not called gado -- it's called pecel. At some point I used the word adzar, which is supposed to be adzan (call to prayer). The additional prayers said after adzan in the morning are called pujian.

I have learned that the volume of the mushollah next to my house is not normal -- even my host mom is annoyed by it, though she doesn't show it. She told me she can't sleep through it and that it's louder than any other mushollah in the village. It is, however, getting easier for me to ignore. I usually wake up a few minutes before and have the headphones ready.

Also, the upacara bandera (flag ceremony) is not held every week, but every other week, at least in the school where I did my practicum. And often it is not held at all. If there was a lot of rain the night before and it is too muddy, they just skip the ceremony.

This correction process will be ongoing.

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