Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm in / My heart in Dmajor

I opened my e-mail this evening and saw an unread message entitled "Peace Corps Placement". The contents:

Hello Timothy-

My name is ******** and I am the Placement and Assessment Specialist working with your application. I have recently complete the final assessment of your application and I am pleased to inform you that you have been qualified for service. Your invitation for service will go out tomorrow via UPS. It should arrive within 10 business days. Upon receipt if the invitation you will learn more about your assignments and what country you have been invited to. Once you receive the invitation you have seven calendar days to email Peace Corps to accept the assignment.

I can confirm the following program information:

· English Teaching

· Asia

· Departing: early April 2011



It's happening. I'm going to Indonesia in April. I read the e-mail and went to my room. I took out my classical guitar and lay down on the bed, and I started playing out my feelings. And, as happens extremely rarely, they were in D major. My heart was in D major! Other people jump up and down and cry and scream and hug their pets and write furiously. I listened to myself let out feelings in the happiest key.

As new thoughts entered my mind, the music shifted. It became more like the things that usually come from me, but distinct and infused with some new element. Maybe a glow.

I was alone for half an hour, and then I told my brother and dad, and we drank a toast.

So, to all the people who were wondering, consider this the official word. I am joining the Peace Corps. I am going to Indonesia. I am leaving in April, and I will be back in 2013.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! it is an amazing feeling going from nominee to invitee :D

  2. Congrats!! And so nice of them to give you almost 3 months notice!! Sounds amazing!

  3. Congratulations!!! Very, very exciting. Indonesia sounds AWESOME!

  4. Congrats! Indonesia. That's awesome!

  5. Congrats!So exciting! I'm talking with my placement specialist this afternoon.

  6. amazing!!! looking forward to our visit in February when we can all toast to your success!


  7. I am still awaiting to hear from placement again and nominated for a March departure to North Africa. Reading your blog made me so happy! I like how you can play out your feelings and this adds such a unique component to your writing. Anyways, I went to Indonesia last April and it is the most beautiful place I have ever been. The people are great and warm and I had such an amazing trip. Althoughg you will certainly not be a run of the mill tourist, I hope you enjoy the food, culture, and people more so than I did. Congrats!!!

  8. Hey Timothy, I just found your blog! I was searching for someone else who's been invited to Indonesia. I've been nominated for the same program, same departure, and Asia, though I'm a little behind you - still awaiting my placement review (I've heard from them but they need my resume - too bad it's the weekend, so hopefully Monday she can finish it). But I'm guessing mine is Indonesia, too. When you get the invite please write about it! I'd love to know your progress.

  9. Thanks to all of you for your kind words :) I'm still awaiting the arrival of the packet. Today is Sunday and tomorrow is MLK day, so I'll more info on Tuesday probably.

    Cody - Find me on Facebook and when you get your placement, if it's still Indonesia, we can start a group for the Indonesia 2011 PCV group. We can all get to know each other a bit before we meet at staging.

  10. Hmm, there seems to be a large number of Tim/Timothy Curtins on Facebook. You can find me, I'm Cody S at the University of Maine. I'm holding a chicken in my picture. :) I'd love to start a group! I just finished my resume, so I'm hoping to hear back soon as well.