Thursday, January 27, 2011

So, it's been just under two weeks since I found out about my acceptance. Since then, I have received my invitation kit, read through it, mailed off my no-fee passport and visa application, and have (re)written my aspiration statement. I anticipate submitting the aspiration statement later tonight. I've certainly taken my time about things.

Thanks to everyone for your support and congratulations :) Now that most of the bureaucratic work is out of the way, I can actually prepare myself for service.

People keep asking me if I'm afraid. The answer is not really. I am a bit nervous, but that nervousness is not about living in a radically different culture under radically different material circumstances. The only thing I'm nervous about is learning the job itself--I'm anxious to be a good and competent teacher, and I suppose the nerves stem from not ever having taught English as a Second Language in a classroom setting. I have faith in my ability to become a good teacher, but I have yet to build up the confidence in the practice itself. Still, I trust in the training I'll receive and the support of fellow PCVs. It's going to work.

To be honest, it feels like the change about to take place is so dramatic that it is almost fruitless to envision what life will be like in three months. I've really read a lot from the blogs of those PCVs already in Indo, and that has been/will be helpful, but I won't know what the air smells like until I'm there. So my focus now is really on the time between now and April 4th. I've got a pretty long list of people I would like to see before that date.

That's all for the moment.

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